About Mr. Jhoolaylaal

Mr. Jhoolaylaal is a fictional friend, who strives to help people with the skills and incredible products. He loves and respects those who work really hard and do/create what they love without considering the outcome of income and lifestyle. They just love doing what they love just to feel alive each and every second they breathe. Whether local or branded he will help each and every one of the talented people to reach a great ambition by helping them promoting and selling their products. He is interested in the story and the struggles they’ve been through and wants to help them achieve something they deserve. Moreover, his motive is to improve the system of quality by only selling and reviewing products of 4 and 5 stars to benefit people even if the product is of Rs. 100 or of Rs. 10,000, whoever the seller is quality remains the same for everyone.

Mr. Jhoolaylaal’s Personality:

Mr. Jhoolaylaal loves anime and even more into the Naruto series, We asked him to turn up his own personality so people can see. but he said He loves Uchiha Clan and would wear the same mask as Tobi(Obito Uchiha). and we let him wear that for now.